I purchased FOREVER RADIANT PATCHOULI SHAMPOO for my husband to try because his hair is really getting so thinner that you can see thru his scalp. Only the first month of using it, I'm happy and he's happy with the results. His hair is growing thicker and soft to touch. He's been trying a lot of products but fiinally, we found the best. I will also recommend it to my father-in-law. Now I need to purchase 2 large bottles; my husband keeps telling me to get extra because he doesn't want to run out. Thank you, Forever Radiant!


Happy Customer here,

Jennifer C.

Wilsonville, Oregon

May 09, 2013


I tried your GUGO SHAMPOO and it is working! I noticed that my hair seem to be thicker. Plus, when I had my latest hair cut, I requested my hairdresser to double check if there are new hair growth and she said YES! As a matter of fact she said it is dark hair which is nice, maybe I will have my dark hair back. I don't mind if it is gray. One other reason why I think this shampoo is working is because I noticed I don't have a lot of hair on the bathroom floor anymore as well as the bathtub everytime I shampoo! Thank you for making this product!

- Jocelyn M.



You really made me believe in your REJUVENATING STARTER SET!!! I've never been so impressed and happy with a product! There really has been a HUGE difference with how my skin LOOKS and FEELS! I've spent a lot on other skin care products, but this is the ONLY ONE THAT WORKED BEST FOR ME! I am so proud of this product! I will introduce and recommend this to my friends.


- Emelie R. from Dumfries, VA (July 9, 2014)


I am a big fan of Forever Radiant's Glutathione Soap and Glutathione Hand and Body Lotion. With continuous and regular use, the pigmentation and discoloration on my arms and legs gradually lightened and disappeared. I also used the Glutathione soap on my face, and the wrinkles are now gone! It truly is amazing! Will definitely make this purchase again. Thank you, Forever Radiant!


- Esmeralda E.

Canyon Country, CA



I am very happy with my new, improved skin! The REJUVENATING STARTER SET has repaired my sun damaged skin, and people don't believe my age when I tell them how old I am! My cheeks feel tight, and there's a pinkish glow on my skin that people really notice. I am pleased and happy when I see my face in the mirror. I am so impressed with this product and that's why I am ordering more! THANK YOU, FOREVER RADIANT!

- John I.

Monrovia, CA



This is my testimonial about Forever Radiant's Patchouli Gugo Shampoo. I'm very proud I found a good shampoo to grow my hair. I used to wear a wig or a hat whenever I would leave the house, but now I don't anymore. I have my pictures before and after (photos up on For 3 months I noticed my hair was growing back. Until now I still use it and I do not use anything else. Now, I sell a lot of this shampoo.

- Zeny S.
Fremont, CA



Just love your Forever Radiant Rejuvenating Starter Set. My face cleared up - pimples and scars vanished. Friends noticed my glowing skin and amazed at the transformation this wonderful skin care has given me. Recommended to my friends. Sure enough, they bought the set right away. Owe it to Forever Radiant.

- Aniceta H.






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