FOREVER RADIANT Papaya Soap w/ Argan Oil 160g/6.4oz

Forever Radiant

Most people are already familiar with the Papaya, but very few know what Argan oil is. Argan oil is a plant oil that comes from the seeds of the Argan tree that is native of Morocco. It is so valuable and highly coveted, and has extensive uses from the kitchen to hair and skin care products.

The Papaya, by itself, does wonders for your skin. But add Argan oil and the results go beyond AMAZING.

Other benefits:

  • Anti-aging - Argan oil restores elasticity
  • Natural, Vitamin enriched
  • Excellent Moisturizer - the Papaya retains moisture, and the Argan oil contains Vitamin E and fatty acids that hydrate and soften the skin
  • Protection and Promotes Healing - anti-oxidants present in Argan oil reduces inflammation, soothes pain, and speeds up healing in skin that are dry, cracked, and irritated.