FOREVER RADIANT UltraFirm Maintenance Set

Forever Radiant


This beauty set includes highly effective products that work together non-stop to maintain the beauty gained from using our FR REJUVENATING STARTER SET - a healthier, re-energized and youthful-looking skin.  The multi-powered action of natural and botanical fruit extracts for deep-cleansing and anti-oxidants surely help enhance and invigorate your complexion.  Enjoy a visible firm and glowing skin in no time at all!

Set includes:   

  • FR UltraFirm Facial Toner 120ml
  • FR UltraFirm Soap 160ml
  • FR UltraFirm Day Cream 20g
  • FR UltraFirm Night Cream 20g

The effect and result of using FR products may vary in time depending on the type and condition of the skin.  It may take a few days, weeks or even months to see and feel the effect of using our products.  The key to success of any beauty regimen is consistency of use and patience.

Individual results vary.